The project

Designing a simplified workflow for System Time Management

Role:User Experience Designer


Skills:User Experience, Wireframing, Rapid Prototyping, Scenario Mapping, User Testing

On July 17, 2017, IBM released the z14, the newest generation mainframe for IBM Z, enabling massive encrypted data transactions and better user experience for system administrators.

In December of 2015, I was brought on the team as the User Experience Designer to lead the design of new workflows that improve the way mainframe operators ensure rapid data sharing and synchronization between multiple systems. Specifically, my work focused on the Server Time Protocol (STP) feature on the Hardware Management Console (HMC). I led the project in alleviating user's pain points regarding configuring and repairing coordinated timing networks.

My redesign, known as Manage System Time, replaced the old System Sysplex Time on the HMC. The Manage System Time is a single point of system time management for multiple systems and provides a real-time, interactive visual topology of the STP network, previews that surface configuration errors, and new intuitive workflows.

This project's design details are password protected. I'd be happy to discuss my process and experience in confidence.

The old, discrete panels for System Sysplex Time.

The new redesign is a single launch point for all of system time management and features improvements such as a visual topology and wizards.

My contributions

User research

I partnered with the User Researcher to uncover user behaviors, motivations, pain points and other insights. I acted as the design subject matter expert to help conduct user interviews and testing. These insights were translated into solutions to address the user's needs.

Design strategy

Through design workshops, prototyping and user testing, I developed design principles to help define the project's wider vision. In addition, I helped evangelize the agile framework through sprint planning, daily and bi-weekly playbacks to drive alignment with the engineering and management team on the strategy.

Design execution

As the user experience designer, I delivered wireframes, journey maps, prototypes, and design specs to the wider team for development.

Project scoping

Working with the engineering and management team, I ideated, prioritized and defined features for future release.