Client :Huge

Date :June - August 2014

Skills :Wireframing, rapid prototyping, user testing

Huge Brain

Huge Brain was an internal Huge project designed by a group of 4 interns. We were given a brief from the Training & Development department with the objective to “make Hugers smarter”. In eight weeks, we designed a digital learning website for Hugers to learn from other people at Huge.

We had the opportunity to connect the Training & Development department with Hugers. Training & Development could discover what Hugers want to learn while Hugers can ask how Huge can help them learn. Our website provided a structure for Training & Development to grow at Huge.

Our vision

From our initial surveys of Hugers from different departments all across the world, we had three key user insights:

  1. People learn from people
  2. People learn by doing
  3. You don’t know what you don’t know

We also discovered what topics people wanted to learn. Some of the most popular topics were Adobe Creative Suite, Javascript and client relations. So, we had the idea to create communities for specific topics that Hugers could join.

Our vision was to create, connect and target communities who want to learn the same thing.

We designed over 200 wireframes for the website, ranging from quick hand drawn sketches to high fidelity visuals. We also analyzed competitors and trends, created system maps, user flows, and user personas, all which were presented in multiple presentation decks. We also organized and conducted usability testing sessions using the application InVision.

The key pages we designed were:

  1. Homepage
  2. Sign up
  3. Community pages
  4. Profile page
  5. Search results

Homepage and Sign up pages


Sign up - Create profile

Sign up - Add skills

Sign up - Join communities

Homepage - Timeline

Homepage - Bookmarks

About Communities

Within communities, there are specific collections which contain resources uploaded by other Hugers. Collections are created by designated "moderators" of the community; resources can be uploaded by anyone at Huge. Through usability testing, we learned what type and how many people were willing to be moderators and what resources people would upload. These resources ranged from talks people have personally given, to their bookmarked sites, to source code they've found helpful.

We chose to mock up the Prototyping Community due to the variety of resources and approaches to the concept of prototyping.

Prototyping Community pages

Community homepage

Collection - Huge Featured

Resource - Source code

Resource - Video and slides

Community discussion

Discussion post

Community members


Search results

Upload resource

More Work