Skills :

Unity, C#, Maya

Date :

April 2015

Description :

Entrance is a virtual reality experience about virtual reality experiences. The narrative was inspired by the Korean word won, the reluctance on a person's part to let go of an illusion.

The narrative begins with the player waking up in an otherwordly, vibrant dream environment. They float serenely above the lush paradise, marveling their ethereal surrounding. Then suddenly, the world evaporates around them and the player is pulled into a miserable, dingy apartment -- their reality. However, the doorway to the "dream world" is always open in plain view in front of the player, beckoning them to enter again. But each time they enter the door, the experience is a little shorter and each return to their real world a little more depressing as the apartment begins crumbling from neglect. Unpaid bills blanket the desk, dishes pile up, the electricity cuts out. The player continues to escape into the dream world until the apartment goes up in flames from the candle that the player forgets to extinguish...

Entrance is a collaborative project between Stephanie Burgess, Alec Dawson, Betty Quinn and Madhav Tankha. Apartment design and interaction by Betty Quinn.